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28 Jul 2004

I see your tears

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 9:44am

I see your tears
In the dead of the night
A dream or real - the sight?
They feed my fears
Alone with my plight
Too many visions to fight

I see your face
And the pain in your eyes
Where something slowly dies
That empty place
Where quiet shadows rise
Mute helplessness replies

I see your need
So stark, nakedly shown
Which you try to disown
You gently bleed
But walk on alone
To another world unknown

Current Mood: Gloomy
Current Music: None

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  1. By Mayavi

    28 Jul 2004, 10:44am [ Reply ]

    One month gap! Where have you been?

  2. By Pye

    28 Jul 2004, 11:39am [ Reply ]

    I was reading over this blog and was sick of being so totally gloomy all the time. So thought I'd let it die and go to blog heaven. But then FH mods mailed me and stroked my ego in a mail they probably send everybody, saying how good I am and how this community needs me and my writing. So here I am.

    ps. You read me? :o

  3. By Mayavi

    28 Jul 2004, 12:11pm [ Reply ]

    If by 'read me' you meant reading ur blog, then yes, I have been reading it since day 1. You are very good at it and the community needs you ;)

    Poetry on FH blogs used to be called pye-ish stuff, now its being called stupendousman-ish, see what one month break can do.

  4. By Pye

    28 Jul 2004, 12:26pm [ Reply ]

    Wow! That's made my day Ms. Mayavi. Thanks a bunch. :)

  5. By The Rainmaker

    28 Jul 2004, 2:23pm [ Reply ]

    glad to see that ur back to ur writing ways!

  6. By mls

    28 Jul 2004, 4:30pm [ Reply ]

    Hey Pye! Glad you are back. How about some more poetry from you! Its ok with me if you dont post a 'appy one!! ;)

  7. By Stupendous Man

    28 Jul 2004, 9:35pm [ Reply ]

    :) and welcome back, dear. i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one encouraging you.

  8. By Pye

    29 Jul 2004, 1:50pm [ Reply ]

    Thanks Rainmaker, mls and Stupendous Man. Feels good to know I was missed. :)

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