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Neurotron | 28 July 2004, 5:51pm

It never leaves me. My shadow. Not obscuring the path ahead, but darkening the road left behind. It weighs heavily; it looms ever larger. I must bear this burden of my own creation. This cross. A lone drop of tainted blood in a sea of milk, and it will never be pure again, never as white. This albatross around my neck. I must exorcise this ghost from the past. The future is a fragile, unborn child, while the past only grows older, darker, stronger, with every passing moment - I am but the medium. The key is to allow the experience to be passed on, not the fear.
Spirits of my forefathers – guide my hand…

Current Mood: Gloomy
Current Music: Prince of Darkness - Megadeth

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  1. 1. By whg  |  28 Jul 2004, 6:51pm

    wat hpnd??the play did this to u???lol...

  2. 2. By drp  |  29 Jul 2004, 7:54pm

    the dumbitch screwed the whole mood of the these days..
    wat the..awesome friggin post batman!!

  3. 3. By whg  |  29 Jul 2004, 9:39pm

    i aint a dumbitch u dumbitch!!!!

  4. 4. By drp  |  29 Jul 2004, 10:06pm

    ur "wild" alrite..
    btw,awesome response ,my dear.

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