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The Day After | 30 July, 2004 22:21

Haan.. to where were we?? oh yes, the next morning the 2 buggers woke up earlier than me as was expected and as i had warned them about consequences if i was woken up before 9, they started to annoy me asap. Finally managed to drag my ass off the bed n into the loo which was smaller than a grave!! Anyway, our plan was to grab some breakfast n leave for Central Mumbai Station from where we had to catch out train back to Hyd. So, went to McDonalds bang opposite the Andheri Station, ate n headed off. Caught the local train from there to Central, 45 minute ride. Got there around 11.45, these mofos wanted to head off to the nearest Planet M, again, for some more cd-shopping! im never gonna go anywhere with these 2 ..sheesh! A 5 minute walk took us there n another hour n some more was almost wasted. Thankfully, i scored a coupla movies i had been looking for namely, "Friday, the 13th" n "Salaam Bombay" esp. the latter which is a really well-made movie [more on tht later!] The billing took a long time for some reason, due to that we were left with just enough time to make a mad dash to the station, find out where our train was n get to the seats!

Made it right on time, got some snacks along to munch, this time we had more space to ourselves with 2 people in the compartment not showing up.. Woo Hoo! Train started n all sorts of people kept coming n going, Tea/Coffee, Tomato Soup, Bangles, Toys, Hijras?!?! [pointed @ D n made him shell out some dough] , n how could i forget our Lunch order! The guy came n asked if we wanted lunch, said Chicken Biryaani was available. In our hunger-panged state, we ordered for it. It arrived in a dabba an hour later and we were left shell-shocked when we saw it. It sure as hell didnt look anything like biryaani, tasted bad and the chicken was all burned.. lesson learned "Never order lunch on a train".

Settled down a little, did some reading.. had taken 3 books with muah, didnt read more than a few pages :) listened to some music, finally decided to lie down for a while n took the upper berth. 3 hours and no sleep later, came down n it was dinner-time. Ordered Egg Biryaani this time, hoping against hope of getting some edible. When it came, this time in hot-pots[cool :)] hopes were definitely raised, alas to no avail.. same crap, only with eggs instead of chicken.. Grrrrrrr. lesson learned "Never order anything in a train!" Ate it nonetheless, hate to waste food u see, saala pet me gadbad hogayi!

It was a sloooooow journey with muah going back up but still getting absolutely no sleep! The whole night went off with me just trying to doze off but succeeded in just getting cramps all over. Got down at 5, freshened up as everyone was waking up. Woke up D n V, watched them struggle into consciousness. Rolled into Begumpet station around 5.30, me n V got off there, D had to get off at Nampally. Once again, mobbed by the autowallas who were over-enthusiastic to take me home!

Was anticipating some tourist-treatment but i guess the guy recognised muah as a local :D Reached home at 5.45 to a sleepy house 'cept for dad who had come back from the morning prayers just then. Ran to the loo for some urgently required relief, took a shower n hit the sack for a few hours. PEACE!

3 days of fun n frolic n excitement coming to an exhausted end! The first thing everyone at home asked when i woke up: Itni jaldi kaiku aagaya?? hmpf!



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... | 18/08/2004, 13:29

Dude... maybe you should just stick to the DBs. You were really good there. Plus, all these guys commenting on your posts are either perfect hypocrites or good people who don't want to hurt a nice guy like you.

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azazel | 27/09/2004, 02:36

my o my, ive got an anonymous admirer. do u think i care? even i dun visit my blog my baay, should explain me replyin to ur comment after 6 weeks!

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