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30 Jul 2004


Posted by Pye in Poetry | 7:20pm

These words on paper
Tame useless words
cannot explain the turmoil

My lead-like emotions
my choked throat
glazed, over bright eyes
Blue words on white?

Dulled pain of loss
Fresh stabs of hurt - at memories
That everyday mask with people
Can words convey?

Staring into nothing
As thoughts rage
Caged, in my mind
-- Words fail.

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  1. By Stupendous Man

    30 Jul 2004, 8:20pm [ Reply ]

    Excellent! you have made me smile and actually utter that. great work, dear.

  2. By doesitmatter

    30 Jul 2004, 8:47pm [ Reply ]

    words fail. if it makes you happy, you write well

  3. By Pye

    31 Jul 2004, 12:17pm [ Reply ]

    Thanks Stupendous Man. :)

    Appreciation does make one happy doesitmatter. Doesn't it? Thank you.

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