Dateline - September 2013

Fact - All emotional pain lasts for twelve minutes, anything longer than that is self-inflicted.

They were sitting on the couch in the living room. The television was on mute but was showing random songs on MTV. Her head was on his chest and his fingers were entangled in hers. He slowly used his other hand to brush her hair from her face and the bright images of the television lit up her already bright and beautiful smile.

She slowly moved her ears to where his heart was and listened to his steady heart beats. And then she looked up at him into his eyes and told him that the moment right there made her feel safe; and that it felt like nothing bad could ever happen to her.

He smiled and played with her soft black hair while she continued staring at him. And he could clearly understand what was happening. He had seen the look before, in many different people in similar situations. He slowly saw her face give a shy smile and then as faintly as could be discernible the tears came out of her dark brown eyes.

He knew that this day was going to come. And he knew where those tears flowed from - they flowed from the darkest corners and depths of her heart. All her sorrow, her pain and her heart breaks. All those memories, she masked from the world with her smiles and laughs, slowly came out of her eyes in the form of tear drops.

And he knew the value of those tears - he knew he had earned them and all those people who claimed to know her actually knew nothing. He had figured her out one month after they met and this moment right here was a culmination of all the trust she had in him.

And right at that moment he felt a rush of anger and depression well up in his heart. He was used to the tear drops and the deafening silences when words became irrelevant and superfluous. And he knew the only reason he cared for her was because he couldn't avoid her, he loved her yet he couldn't trust her with his own tears.

 When you have so many stories of pain and suffering, the sorrows of others seem like droplets compared to your own ocean of sadness. Yet he never shared any of them. All his so called friends knew nothing of him. His past was unknown and his future bleak. He lived from moment to moment and he kept going from one sad story to another searching for a sadness which could make his petrified heart weep.

And then he slowly looked back into her teary eyes and as she smiled back at him with all of her heart, he slowly rubbed the tears from her cheeks and laid her to sleep. And just when she was thinking that he was perfect, his mind told him to move on in search of deeper abysses!