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5 May 2004


Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 9:20pm

hah! Profound observations for the day.
1)9 hours of sleep is over-rated. i am sleepy all the time - when i get 4 hours of sleep or 40 hours -I'm yawning away like an alligator waiting to happen

2) Childhood is for scarring your phyche.I saw a kid yesterday hurl dried dung balls at a small girl walking ahead of him. I was reminded of my childhood. welcome to the Suzie Derkins club 

3)Phones are meant to be stolen. i lost mine yesterday - the second in two years. Now I'm investing in two solid tin cans, one ball of twine, a bundle of dried twigs and a blanket. Non, merci..no more phones for me. I can be cool and incommunicado

4)resoltions are meant to be broken. so much for de-hermiting....have to attend a farewell bash today..looking forward to it...

5)women are happiest when they shop. I stand testimony to that. Blew up an obscene amount on books today - have an orgasmic glow about me.

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