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1 Aug 2004


Posted by Pye in Poetry | 1:00pm

The first tears gathered up all the hurt in my eyes and washed them out, creating a path down my dry cheeks, on to my chin; and dripped down, away from me. Again and again, as my soul replenished the drowned sadness in my eyes. The tears worked overtime, leaving my eyes empty; only to be filled with hurt yet again.

Current Mood: Sad
Current Music: No good emotes. No music. I hate this part of posting.

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  1. By mls can never write poems

    1 Aug 2004, 2:00pm [ Reply ]

    poetry even in prose. that was short, nevertheless had so much meaning.

    you know i tried last night [for the god knows how many-th time] barely got past 1 at most 1 and half line.
    ~sigh~ some ppl are just arent born with it :(

  2. By Pye

    1 Aug 2004, 2:35pm [ Reply ]

    Thanks mls. Feels good to have you here.

    And don't bother too much about not writing sad thingies. This 'talent' doesn't get you anywhere. :)

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