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2 Aug 2004


Posted by Pye in Poetry | 7:36pm

Leaden skies and heavy grayness. Delicious fried corn-on-the-cob scents in the air. Memories of days past... and ones from those I've yet to make. Each day the same, blending into each other. Shouts from the children playing outside, quibbling self-importantly. I smile as the memories surface... I've done the same. Palms wrapped around the mug filled with steaming coffee, I lean over the railing of the balcony. Part of a scene - the unseeing observer.

Thoughts criss-cross my mind. I revisit days long gone. Walking through mood-induced by-ways... and smiling at the girl I was. (I think I liked her.) Too many soul-less grey days hover.... A later me, a different time, yet the same. Days gone by without a thought. Wasted, in the innocence which time eventually steals from us... those days would never come back. The memories just linger vaguely. Perennial deja vu.

A deep breath of the clean, fresh air heavy with the promise of rain. The dark skies get darker, I feel more alone. Lost. The thunderstorm is here. The first round plop raindrop bursts lazily on the asphalt road.

The raindance begins.

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  1. By Lily

    2 Aug 2004, 8:36pm [ Reply ]

    lovely! very evocative of powerful images, heavy air, laden, flashes of light, monsoon rains, quirky yet tender raindrops kissing the earth, a dance, a promise of life, well done, amazing

  2. By The Rainmaker

    3 Aug 2004, 12:41am [ Reply ]

    you're carrying this onto paragraphs as well.. wow! and i thought only stanza's had that lyrical effect..

  3. By Pye

    3 Aug 2004, 4:16pm [ Reply ]

    Thanks L. Your comments are amazing too.

    Rainmaker, thank you. This was a poem which didn't quite make it. So I paragraphed it. :)

  4. By mls

    4 Aug 2004, 12:31pm [ Reply ]

    didnt make it did you say ?? :) lol

  5. By Pye

    4 Aug 2004, 6:18pm [ Reply ]

    Thanks mls. You're too kind. :)

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