The only thing worse than being stuck in your office after dark is being stuck in your office after dark on a rainy night with a bunch of guys when you are strictly a heterosexual male.

However, that in no way means that this is the worst thing that can happen to a heterosexual male. Picture being stuck in an elevator with a supermodel when the only other person riding it with you is an eighty year old woman. May be that is not so bad also. But what about being stuck in an elevator alone with a supermodel when you happen to be on lent?

That has got to take the cake for it all. It either takes a superhuman resolve to not succumb to temptation or takes none at all to succumb to it. That is the easy part. The real difficult part lies in the process of deciding what your next course of action should be. Should you or shouldn't you, that is the ultimate question.

It has no easy answer. You may succumb to it, but you end up thinking all your life that you are a lesser man, a man who has no control over his mind, a man who has absolutely no will power. And, if you do not succumb to it you may hit 70 and rue the fact that you let a god-send opportunity go abegging.

This is a difficult choice to make. The women might differ on this (What do they know, anyway? They are women, for God's sake!) but any "normal" male who spends one-third of his life thinking of sex and the remaining two-thirds thinking of ways to think of sex would appreciate the gravity of the situation.

Before my words become conclusive, thereby ruining their impact, it is important that I should clearly state that the person in question is not yours truly, was not yours truly and would never be yours truly - I normally don't think, so there arises no question of my racking my brains. I would do what any hormonally active male would. The alternative would never occur to me - also because to me there appears to be none. I mean what are the odds of my ever being on lent? One needs to have a sex life for that, right?

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