Full circle and other thoughts

aloque | 03/08/2004, 02:23 hrs

The other day I was watching Oprah (big fan, she is an inspiration) (ok, Adi. Relax!!) and she was talking about full circle moments in life. She had a funny way of saying it with her hands circling about madly, like the audience was deaf-mute or just plain dumb. Anyway, the point was that life has a way of coming a full circle. And then we grasp a little bit of a handle on how much our perspectives have changed or how much we have grown or regressed as a person. Life has a strong sense of de ja vu, it seems.

My blog public-private-public. Full circle.

I remember as a kid, when girls were just girls, another part of the human race. People, basically. Friends, mostly. Guys and girls coexisted without any sort of mind games. Then there were all those years tht every girl I met was a possible someone I could be with. All the time wasted thinking about making a good impression. The dos, the don'ts. The whys, the why nots. It was hard to be friends without thinking of what else was possible. After all, a friendship was a good platform for something more, I thought. Of late, there has been too many people around me that are interesting, and as I gain some security of my own, seeing them as people, some as friends even, without thought of what the future might hold has become easier. And it is very liberating as well. Platonic relationships are possible. Full circle. *arms circling like a mad ape*

People from my past. They seem to be rushing back in all of a sudden. Not that I am complaining. It has been wonderful. I am excited at getting to know them all over again. Its a wonder though. The circumstances then and now are totally different. Some I knew well. Some were just acquaintances. But they are all here again, and Hyderabad seems like the home I left behind 5 years ago. Full circle. *the mad ape thing again*

Onto other things, Angel is out of here, and now, so is the Princess. The pioneers of the place have left one by one. Aran, you are the only one left from the old school. There is something about fullhydblogs that seems to close in and suffocate people out of normal life and replace it with a choking, constricting grasp around the throat. Something had to give. At first I wished you guys had stuck it out, but fighting a battle like this one is pointless. I can totally understand why you did it. Much happiness to you guys. Give life hell.

Friendship is an amazing thing. Two strangers choose to share parts of their lives, giving trust and understanding. kindness and sympathy. An ear that listens, a word of admonishment. Choosing to care. Forming friendships is an easy thing. Expectations and thoughts of the future tend to creep in, as do differences. Why can't we just live in the bloody moment. Things are pretty fucked up as it is, without us screwing them up more.

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  1. hahahehehoho!!!

  2. You're right about FH snuffing out people's blogabilities...

  3. those are only my feelings Hank is laughing at. Anyway, thats happening a lot these days.
    Aran, FH is less responsible than the FHites.

  4. Responsible? And yep... I'm feeling damn dry nowadays too.

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