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Neurotron | 3 August 2004, 2:18pm

I'm Chandler Bing from Friends!

Take the Friends Quiz here.

created by stomps.

Oh alright! So I always knew it...
Could it BE any more obvious?

Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: Ill be there for you - the Rembrandts (what else did you think??)

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  1. 1. By drp  |  3 Aug 2004, 3:18pm

    Pleased to meet you Mr.Bing.
    Hi, I'm Mr.Bing...too.

  2. 2. By aloque  |  3 Aug 2004, 5:01pm

    Thought I'd be Ross, turned out to be Joey.
    So that changes a lot of things.
    All my life, i have been fooling myself thinking i was a bright, nerdy, sensitive types who says too much.
    Actually, after all that, I think the quiz sucks and I am still like Ross.

  3. 3. By Aran  |  3 Aug 2004, 5:48pm

    Well, okay. Phoebe. "You're rather ditzy and a bit off the wall, but that's ok. You'll always be there when your friends need you." - That's what it said. Well, nice. I guess. I mean, I *do* have a blog which is titled Weird and Whacky.. so can't really fight this.

  4. 4. By fallen angel  |  3 Aug 2004, 6:44pm

    since all u losers have spoken...

    I am Rachel (and no, i dint take the test now... just abt 2 years ago). I wanted to be Monica. so, whtever.

  5. 5. By fallen angel  |  3 Aug 2004, 10:07pm

    yeah, i know.. i talk too much.

    Turns out i took the Emode Friends before.

    According to this one ... 1) I am Chandler if i click on "woman".

    2) I am Phoebe if i click on "female".

    Aloque, you said it.

  6. 6. By JOhnny  |  4 Aug 2004, 6:54am

    Joey tribiani is ME. Not surprising. :+

  7. 7. By Neurotron  |  4 Aug 2004, 9:15am

    I mean, yeah, so we all know the quiz is silly. But seriously, FA, who WANTS to be Monica??
    That's just...whatever. :-D
    And Rachel is the hottest, as Grinny and I determined...

  8. 8. By Neurotron  |  4 Aug 2004, 9:23am

    ~Aran: heh heh.
    see? SEE? All u other works. And it did for JOhnny too.
    So this way, you have fun, AND it means something..., as Monica (FA) might have said.

  9. 9. By fallen angel  |  4 Aug 2004, 12:32pm

    Yes. Rules are good. Rules help control the fun. :|

    Emode was sweetly flaterring once and Stomps was wrong, twice. But if u accept tht i YAM Monica, good enough. From now on i shall control ALL the fun. tee hee.

  10. 10. By whg  |  4 Aug 2004, 10:17pm

    it doesnt work...:-S

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