August 2nd, 1:00PM. A lonely place.


Bin tere sanam
mar mittenge hum
aa meri zindagi

aaaah aana hii pada sajana
zaalim hain dil ki lagi...

another great cloudy afternoon sky in what is turning out to be the most beautiful monsoon in a while. the cool breeze brushin against my face, a hint of thunder among the peace (duh..its gonna rain)..rows of books, a myriad of words floating around me and in my mind. the words that are strugglin to break through the barrier of my hesitance and reluctance to let my heart win over my mind, to let my feelings prevail over commonsense(?).

the trusty QJam at CCD loads up the usual hindi-remixes, songs i abhor with every livin breath of mine. i look out through the glass walls at the sky , can't help thinkin if it ain't nearly picture perfect. but this is all besides the point, innit? i'm lookin at things which have stood the test of eternity, while in front of me is the face which i wish could stare at for eternity(whoa!). d QJam rewinds and loops..same song yet again..and again. for a whole fuckin hour. too much whipped cream on my Tropical Temptation. ... out of CCD and into the inviting arms of gloom. the atmosphere a sublime backdrop. a picture etched in my brain for forever now,  a goodbye to cherish, one song loopin incessantly in my mind's jukebox.

the sky goes from cloudy to dark grey. almost picture perfect innit? raindrops happily plop onto my windscreen, gatherin and runnin down , formin longs rivulets along the windshield, kinda like the streams of loneliness gushin through my system. (why aren't the goddam wipers working?)

goddam song jus won't go out of my head...goddamit. 

... yeh jaan kar balamjii
thaami hain teri baahe
sehni padengi sabki kaanto bhari nigahe

sab sehenge hum
aur hasenge hum
aa meri zindagi

la la la aana hii pada sajana....




the above text is a gross exaggeration of the truth...or something like it.

PS : with due apologies to Pye, FA and all the other wonderfully composed posts inspired by the weather. (Raindance by Pye and Pictures & Forever in the Rain by FA) am totally sorry for writing yet another "raindrops-are-falling-on-my-head" post, can't help it. :D



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