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5 Nov 2014


Posted by Oblivion in Poetry & El Eye Ef Ee | 9:33pm

she chases you;
center of the world
you are for her
you run, you evade
she can't catch
yet loves the chase
and then, she dies

when your feet
find their ground
you do the chase
the baby runs
you can't catch
yet you won't stop
and then, you die

is this the all
of life, then
a futile run?
a vestige of death
unlived and forgotten

but then, you noticed -
did you not -
the glee in her eyes
when she, briefly,
caught you, and held
to her bosom

the same sparkle
of joy untold
you find
in the little one's
when, briefly though,
she is caught by you

how did your feet
you now wonder 
not get hurt
running in that wild

it was so,   
for your father's hands
rested firmly
below your tender feet
whose every step
was the throb
of his heart

and now your
pining heart knows
as your hands, too,
brave the rigid ground
to make for 
the steps gentle
of the little one

that unmistakable glee
in their eyes
that shower their love
on you,
those invisible hands
that protect
on every torrid tread

they extend,
they transcend,
days, years, ages
and all limits of time
and embrace you
in all your moments
even when, done in by death
you turn formless

for, the best joys
the glistening tear
the lilting song
and the love
of the loving
and for the loved
are they not formless?

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