I come home and turn on the telly to see two politicians arguing about who amongst them is less corrupt.

Pretty interesting - I get my smartphone out and tweet "Some things never change. #IndianPolitics"

Now one of them asserts that his party was less corrupt during their term and gives proof for his claims, the other counters that her party had lesser criminals during their term. Awesome retort!!

I continue watching for ten more minutes before the show breaks into a much delayed advertisement.

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Farmer suicides - old news, I've been hearing about this since a decade!

Tweet - "1.2 billion people relieving themselves could fill all the dams in India #ImSureThatsATrueStat"

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Fairness cream ad - I tried that cream two weeks ago - doesn't work - stupid cream!

Anyway need to tweet - "Racism is in India's blood. Indians need to change #FairnessCreamAds".

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AIB Knockout, Aamir Khan and censorship in India - Why do these people keep fighting - Get on with your lives, Jackasses!! Give me something new, this stuff is two weeks old already!!

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ISIS, Boko Haram and Ukraine

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Sunny Leone - Seen a lot more of her on the internet!!

Tweet - "SexEducation seems to be bollywood's agenda not the governments!! LOL!! #Itemsongs"

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Hindutva and Valentine's - Both of these groups are ****s! They're not allowing people like me to spend time with my girlfriend in peace.

Tweet 1 - "Conservative Indians are ruining the country #mahasabha" 

Tweet 2 - "If you have a girlfriend keep her at home, why would you want to flaunt her on the streets anyway #rapes"

Upvote and like the memes on facebook which joke about the Valentine's day threats - my job here is done!

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Some random movie, it's at one of those scenes where the actor is smoking and drinking and they put those stupid subtitles which tell me that smoking and booze are injurious - I got the point 5 years ago! Now let me have my vodka in peace!

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Random sleazy deodrant ad which objectifies women - the usual stuff - *YAWN*

Off to bed.


We've grown so far apart from reality, it is no wonder that we call our public service broadcaster 'DoorDarshan'.

Integrity - Doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.