At some stage in life, we ask ourselves this question...Where is God, What is Religion? Is beleif in God necessary. Religion can be described in many different ways. If we really concentrate, the answers come from deep within us, such as...

What is the purpose of or lives? What is our final destiny?
What is the difference between right and wrong?
What are one's obligations to the other people?

These problems will arise only when we become old and neglected by our children, family, relatives and friends.

To some of us religion is belief in a superhuman power or powers to be obeyed, and worshipped, as the creator or the ruler of the universe. However the more orthodox people in society refer to religion as a specific system of belief, or simple worship, often involving a code of ethics.

Priests and other heads of religious orders believe that religion is a the state, or way of life of a person in a monastic order. Even more conservative sects believe that religion is any object that is seriously or zealously pursued. Certain methodistic orders believe that religion is basically an observation of devotion, piety, and discipline, according to their individual customs and rules and regulations.

However, basically, everywhere in the world man, to whichever religion he belonged, looked to a prophet - a religious symbol to concentrate upon. The most logical answer would be that religion is an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, practices, and worship that centers on one supreme God or the deity. Religion gives a feeling of security to many people.

It is a fact that, there are certain people who follow religion merely out of fear without analysing it. These are people who follow a particular religion without analysing it or rationalising the various aspects of it. In the final analysis however, all religions are lead to the same goal and no religion is superior or inferior to the other.

There are various religions the world over. Some of them are - Buddhism, Christianity, Confucism, Bahaism, Hinduism, Bahaiism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Lamaism, Sikhism, Zionism, Taoism, and Zorastrianism, and Modern religion all these are just like rivers flowing to the same ocean.

All religions highlight the importance of prayer which is the only easiest and cheapest way to have a spiritual and paceful life especially in this age.

Pray and your destiny will change.  Numerous are the ways to pray, whether you go to a temple, mosque or a church. All paths lead to him. Choice is yours ... All are correct! To reach him, search thy within. Encounter your innerself and you shall arrive at the truth which evaded all your life. When you prayed you invoked the mighty powers of one who is above all. Submit to him with all humility. He is there to guide you at each and every stage of life.

Whatever be the nature of our prayers, shall we not forget that we shall always get what we truly desire. We have but to perform our Karma. Good thoughts earn Punya (merits) and bad thoughts result in Papa (sins).

To rise above the ordinary think lofty thoughts, help thy community and you shall be graced by God the Creator.

Of the cosmos is one. Call it by the name of Brahman, Bhagwan, Prabhu or Parmatma the Creator of the whole cosmos shall ever remain one. Consider it having a form or a form less being, a mighty computer preset to function based on the Karma of all individual beings ... it never interferes with the Karma or the Destiny of one.

Satsang is also very essential at every stage of life.

How the company of saints affects us is best explained by the phenomenon of coating. We can make Brass look like gold by coating and polishing it with liquid gold. If we coat it again and again the upper layer of gold would become so thick that with passage of time we may tend to forget the item was made of Brass. What we see gets stored in our memory cells. What is inherent pales into insignificance.

In human life whenever a beastly character comes into the company of a saint for a longer time ... He tends to forget his own identity and temporarily merges into the saintly fold. If he remains in such association for a longer period ... Chances are he may permanently change himself. Owing to circumstances this transformed Saintly character if falls into bad company again may even become notorious than ever.

Lord has given us instinct and knowledge for ourselves to self assess ... What is good or bad for us!! We must consentiously use our intellect in selection of a Guru by hit and trial method. There have been many who have realized and gone back to the abode of the Almighty Lord. Their experiences and narration

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