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22 Oct 2015


Posted by Oblivion in Design / Typography | 11:49pm


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  1. By Oblivion:

    13 Nov 2015, 3:29pm [ Reply ]

    @Cannabis Eater: Thanks! It's a rather familiar tone, but I don't want to make any guess. There are people who we think we know but we actually don't, and there are those who we believe we don't know but perhaps we do. And then those who know us but we think they don't, and those who don't know us and yet we believe they do.

    Interesting that you mention Sandel's 'Justice' course, some points of which I strongly appreciate. It should be good to discuss... some day...

    You said 'bro', so do justice to the word. Stay good; try more cannabis.

  2. By Cannabis Eater:

    8 Nov 2015, 5:25am [ Reply ]

    Harvard's Course - JUSTICE by Michael Sandel

  3. By Cannabis Eater:

    8 Nov 2015, 1:31am [ Reply ]

    Now You see. im truly a cannabis eater. For i wished you a day before. Hahaha. Advanced wishes to you. Be kind.

  4. By Cannabis Eater:

    8 Nov 2015, 1:27am [ Reply ]

    Many Happy Returs of the Day, My Bard bro. who introduced me to Gitanjali ha once surmised, in his Septalogue, "1.It doesn't take much for a man to be bad; it takes his everything to be not bad." Thanks for your kindness.

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