The beauty about Chess is it can be played anywhere , anytime and all
you need are two players and a chess Board! and now in this internet
age, you can play it on-line too! in fact, that is the only way i
communicate with my son-in-law on line , who always wins hands down !
( between you and me, I just let him !!! i do not use all my moves!!

As someone wisely put it

" The ultimate Truth can never be won. That is why the game of Chess
is so facinating."

SO true in the context of present discussion!

anyway, i want to share with members here this fascinating
explanation on the Symbolism of the game of Chaturanga ( chess) in
the context of hindu religion.

Chess is known as 'chaturanga' in Sanskrit - the word Chatur
means 'four' and 'anaga' means 'limbs' ....

please read on...

"The  translations or symbolic meanings of the Sanskrit terms:
chaturanga = four elements of material (fire, air, water and earth),
ratha (chariot) = earth (prthivi), ashwa (horse) = water (apas)
hastin (elephant) = wind or air (vayu), mantrin (wise man) = fire
(agni), rajan (king) = ether (akasha)."

Now on the importance of the term'chatur' or Four in hindu dharma

"THE  Indians have many different terms in mythology, religion and
philosophy with chatur: chaturveda (4 Vedas), chaturyuga (world
seasons), chturvarna (4 castes), etc.

By the name "chaturmaharajikas" (means 4 great kings) the Buddhists
call the gods of fire, water and earth who dwell in the North, South,
East and West, with their suites upon the horses in four different
colours. With the term chaturmaharajikas I have immediately brought
in connection the term "chaturangi" (means four kings) as one calls
in India the four-handed chess. For that chess, two names exists,
chaturanja and chaturanji. It used to be played by four players with
pieces in four colours. The white and black are the allies against
the yellow and green. In that game, even the kings could be captured
as common pieces. To me it has been clear at once that the term "four
kings" is in connection with the elements. The pieces are arranged in
the North, South, East and West, each group being coloured
differently - just the same case as with the elementary gods - with
the Kings and their suites. "

PLEASE raed this fascinating article on the Origins of Chess -A

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