The teachers have to teach the students the spirit of oneness. All are
one; we are not divided on grounds of religion, colour and nationality.
We belong to the caste of humanity. We should never allow ourselves to
be divided. This point has to be made clear. With gold, you can make a
ring. The same gold can be melted and you can make it in the form of an
earring. The name and the form of the jewels change, but the gold is
the same. Similarly, we may be different nationalities and different for
several reasons. But, basically we belong to the human race and the
human community. This oneness has to be taught to the students.
Teachers should love his/her profession. A teacher should love his
students. With that, he will be able to discharge things expected of him to
the best of his ability. Unless there is love, he cannot please anybody
and his teaching will also be useless. Goods are better delivered with
the spirit of love.

The spirit of patriotism should be inculcated into students committed
to our care. The teachers should include the spirit of patriotism in
the minds of the students whenever an opportunity comes. This is very

Unity is very necessary because all teachers, students, parents,
management and administration, all sections have only one goal; that is the
dissemination of knowledge. We watch our children

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