After having said whole Gita, Sri Krishna tells Arjuna, You have heard with attention, all that I have been saying. Consider my words fully and do what you think right'. Thus Shri Krishna generously sets Arjuna free. In the same breath, in the next verse he says, 'Arjuna, give up everything and take refuge in Me'. What does this mean? It means as long as there is Ego, there is danger in becoming free; let not any desire of your own arise in your heart. Be an observer of all the waves of desire. 'Not my, but HIS Will' - 'Not my but His Will'. "I" am not, "He" is. As you learn to subdue your ego thus, your 'Rajsik action ill become pure and what will be left will be infinite action without the 'doer'. Every action coming from God - making one a vehicle of His 'divine will' No 'I', No 'My' - all His. Starting with 'I' and frustration leading to no activity in the first chapter to destroying the illusion of 'I' in the second chapter, Gita progresses to the way of action, inward action to support outward action, leading to state of egoless activity in fifth chapter. Rest of the chapters mention the tools of concentration, devotion, surrender, cosmic vision etc. to support egoless activity, and last comes total surrender to obtain His Grace which is the final tool. 'His grace having been established, no effort is needed to remain pure. Purity becomes not only our second nature, but it becomes our first nature, our nature itself. This is the aim and end of Bhagvat-Gita.

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