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7 Aug 2004

Of You

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 2:02pm

through what I have of you
Precious little, I realise

Two brittle roses
long dead
Pressed into forgotten books.

My name in blue
On snowy white
inside a star
Surrounded by you.

A yellow scrap
of soothing feelings
naughty thoughts
and yearning wants.

And lastly --
Those memories
Pasted painstaking in the scrapbook
in a part of my mind
Constant. Comforting. Hurting.
Our memories.

Sometimes what we have of someone is so little, compared to what that person was, has been, will always be in our lives. I guess material things do not matter. This was meant as a dedication when I thought our relationship had come to an end. Now I wonder if it will ever end. Never seeing each other again, no contact... is that an end?

Current Mood: Cold
Current Music: Rules - Chhodo na mujhe

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  1. By ZT

    7 Aug 2004, 3:02pm [ Reply ]

    Relationships are supposed to be everlasting.

    Your beautiful post (I have no words to describe its beauty) insinuates the seriousness of a precious and cherished relationship, which has perhaps faded out in real, but is shinning bright inside.

    Is there any way of running away from memories?

    Pye - how do you write such beautiful, heart-touching, REAL posts ?

  2. By Stupendous Man

    7 Aug 2004, 3:22pm [ Reply ]

    liked what you wrote, to begin with.

    and, personally, i've never thought that once we've parted ways..that it all ends there. in a higher level, it never does. we always lock ourselves in the circle of another's.
    i do hope whatever it is that is happening in your mind and heart..will eventually give you exactly that which you deserve.

  3. By whg

    7 Aug 2004, 4:44pm [ Reply ]

    i believe every relation practically comes to an end but never ends in our hearts

  4. By Yas

    7 Aug 2004, 5:00pm [ Reply ]

    you have a lovely way with words, that not only talks to the mind, but penetrates the heart, showing not just deep insight but also compassion.
    I wish from the bottom of my heart that he, who this was written for, reads it and understands.

    Loads of hugs

  5. By Pye

    7 Aug 2004, 5:10pm [ Reply ]

    ZT, There's probably no way you can run away from memories... but you can dupe yourself nicely if you really want to. About how I write such posts... well, don't really know. :)

  6. By Pye

    7 Aug 2004, 5:20pm [ Reply ]

    Stupendous Man, What if I want it to end? And, believe me, I do.
    Thank you so much for the last line. It made me feel.

    whg, true.

  7. By Pye

    7 Aug 2004, 5:21pm [ Reply ]

    Yas, Thank you. Hugs too. :)

  8. By rainmaker

    7 Aug 2004, 11:11pm [ Reply ]


    PS: i agree, relationships can end but it isnt possible to actually forget.

  9. By doesitmatter

    8 Aug 2004, 10:52am [ Reply ]

    made me sad. we never know do we, some day on a strange street corner u run into this person, wht would u do? no odea. just hurt in the meanwhile every time the memories sneak up on you.

  10. By Pye

    8 Aug 2004, 11:32am [ Reply ]

    doesitmatter, God! That's scary. I don't need thoughts like those right now!

    rainmaker, :)

  11. By mls

    8 Aug 2004, 2:46pm [ Reply ]

    your post reminds me of a song by jagjit singh(dunno who penned it)

    haath choothe lekin rishte nahin chodaa kartein hain,
    waqtki shaakhon se lamhe nahin toda kartein hain..

    And now that you've mentioned it , i will stop being kind and shall not say something that doesnt need to besaid ;)

  12. By Pye

    8 Aug 2004, 5:37pm [ Reply ]

    mls, Gulzar. And thanks. :)

  13. By tabrez

    8 Aug 2004, 10:07pm [ Reply ]

    one word....LOVELY!

  14. By Pye

    9 Aug 2004, 9:22pm [ Reply ]

    Thank you. :)

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