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30 Jun 2016


Posted by Oblivion in Poetry & El Eye Ef Ee | 12:46pm

crimson dusk fades slowly
as the dying murmur
of the restless waves

a gentle breeze from afar
ruffles my hair
i think it's her loving fingers

as the breeze leaves me
my heart flies off, too,
along with her

the clouds are gathering
blurring the distance
and i smell the rain

on these feeble sands
my infirm feet tiptoe
and my fingertips dance

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  1. By me:

    2 Jul 2016, 12:19am [ Reply ]

    i miss you, tooooo!

  2. By Lc:

    1 Jul 2016, 8:07pm [ Reply ]

    Aww... so loving... miss ya!

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