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9 Aug 2004


Posted by Just a little unwell in General | 10:35pm

While you're breaking your head wondering which commonly used sentence does this abbreviation stand for (in the league of LOLs, ROTFLMAOs, AFAICRs and ASAPs), let me just gather my thoughts on what exactly I wanted to say under this heading.

Ok, it's about 'vision' - the ability to 'see'. Not just the present, but also the future (and more of the latter). No, not predicting it, but seeing it. Knowing exactly how you want it to be, including the finer details. Like looking at a picture, carefully observing all its elements. Once you've seen it well enough, you know what to aspire for. You get an idea on the quantum of effort required to reach that destination that you've defined for yourself so clearly. Seeing is believing. The more you see it, the more you believe in your image of the future. See it when you are awake, see it when you are asleep (Dream on!).

Incidentally, the abbreviation in the title stands for 'What You See Is What You Get'. It's more of an IT / technical jargon pertaining to Graphical User Interface (GUI) design tools. Trust me to give it a philosophical spin. (Btw, the FH blogs Editor is unfortunately not WYSIWYG and I had to do HTML formatting to make this post.)

I see what I want, i'll keep seeing it day in and day out........... and yes, i'll get it someday. (couldn't help adding that self-motivational bit)

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  1. By whg

    9 Aug 2004, 11:35pm [ Reply ]

    i know wat rotfl is...but rotflmao???can someone enlighten me??

  2. By JLU

    10 Aug 2004, 1:01am [ Reply ]

    whg, so you have a nagging doubt :) Dunno if I can enlighten you, but i'd suggest you to consult Google or a similar online resource :)

  3. By HAnktheyank

    11 Aug 2004, 4:50am [ Reply ]

    not all of us have "dfwa"...read desi fasination with abbreviation.

  4. By Proud Desi a.k.a. JLU

    11 Aug 2004, 10:56pm [ Reply ]

    HTY, why desi? Isn't the fixation common to all?

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