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23 Jul 2016

Let This Winter Linger

Posted by Oblivion in Poetry | 1:28am

he just frowned
or smiled
it was unclear

when she asked
how the winters,
ten and more,
had passed

her fingers,
still as slender,
curled into the handle
of the coffee mug.
his fingers ached

she asked again,
now smiling,
about the winters

would those lips
taste of coffee
or of the sweet longing
of all those years
he won't know

in this winter of life
what tales could he have
of those winters, 
without her, lifeless

so he just frowned
or maybe he smiled
it was unclear

but then life
etches its tales
on your face
in wrinkles fine

and each wrinkle
hid a tale
that he will -
when all light fades -
whisper to her
in silence

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  1. By me:

    25 Jul 2016, 5:19pm [ Reply ]

    thanks :)
    tears = fluid words

  2. By bluvd:

    23 Jul 2016, 6:11am [ Reply ]

    oh! so gorgeous...
    but teary-eyed :(

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