I put in that line above only because ,for the life of me,I'm not able to come up with a line good enough to be displayed to the whole community on the front page. I'm back folks, the Payne is back,let the Jungle drums go dum-da-dada-dumma-dumm, let the tribals in their leaf-adorned crotches strike their gongs and dance in a wild frenzy. 'Coz ladies, gentlemen and tribals, I, D.Raw El Payne, has the power of internet again. The Dungeon of Pain has been one heckuva busy place in the past 3 days, no internet but a shitload of work to do.

This short yet crucial hiatus came at the right time, I guess. I mean, LOOK at my previous two posts!! Thats The Other Payne coming alive. Of course, it was only appropriate that The Other Payne speak in circumstances like those. As I said, the storm and the grey clouds in my mind have slowly subsided. The turbulent atmosphere up there is returning to the fiery sunshine of evil. Those horns on top of me head are starting to grow back (this does NOT mean I'm horny, just that lucifer's playground is alive and kicking once again). Ladies and gentleman, its time to fasten your seatbelts, thank you for staying with us. Though, I must admit it, the past week will stay etched in my head for a loong time to go, thats a good thing.

I'll tell you whats NOT a good thing. Coming back to the blogs after a while ,only to see that your hard-earned 5th spot has been snatched away from ya. If blog posts were like forum posts, Lily, you would be FH Goddess, but as they aren't you're just Silly Lily in my dictionary(not that I have a dictionary, its just a fucking phrase thats all, geez!). Among other things, the lady's got to the spot within 13 days. Two facts, the first : Congratulations. I did NOT know that these blogs were visited by so many peoples.  350+ hits per day, not too shabby. The second : 350+ hits per DAY?!! *ahem* You just mulavanabutthari in terms of hit-whoring. Congratulations yet again. Now onto Aran, dammit lady, you SO took the MPD post from RIGHT under my fat nose!! Dammit. And now who is this Malakpetmasala?! Dude,next time you realise that you have a word processor on your computer and that you've a stash of files on your harddisk... Here's some advice, read them , do NOT post them, keep them for posterity's sakes, read them again, think of them, THEN post them. One after the other, SLOWLY, with DEFINITE looong intervals.

But, but, BUT, this one of the few times when my arsenal of hatred and dissing-ery(?) seems inadequate. Its not because I'm outta ammunition but because the enemy(if there's someone like that) is just so good. Dammit. Goddamit. Jai, dude, u can write.

Onto next time then.

Fingers crossed for the internet.


PS : August 1st - 7th, 2004. That was some week.


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