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Should I tell her?

aintlifestrange | 11 August, 2004 04:40

U remember the girl i was talking about in my first 2 posts? Lets call her Venus (Roman Goddess of beauty). :blushing:

We met on an online community and are working on a few projects together. So, we end up meeting atleast twice a week. And either talk or chat everyday. :-D

We were (plz note the past tense) constantly pulling each others leg even on the online community. It was all quiet harmless in the beg. We were just gr8 friends. But then my friends from that comm started asking me whats our "status" :rolling my eyes: and got me thinking abt what I actually feel for her. And to my shock n surprise I think I am falling for her. 

Why shock n surprise? 'Cuz i didnt think i could come out of the shock at being dumped (by my ex) so soon n fall for someone else. Its only been 5-6 months till now. WTF am I thinking! 5-6 months is a looooong time right?

Anyway, here I come to that classical dilemma: I dont wanna admit abt it to her, 'cuz I realllllly love her as a friend, and dont wanna lose her totally. Sooooo...

And dont think that just 'cuz we talk or chat everyday, she also feels for me. She's that typical tomboyish types! :) Has loads n loads of guy friends. Initially even I thought that she had something for me. But not anymore. But she also says that shes not friends with them. Hope she doesnt feel the same about me. :(

So, should I tell her?



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hanktheyank | 11/08/2004, 05:40

found new cheese have you? lol, take it slow...

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rainmaker | 11/08/2004, 20:54

say it .. all the best!

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