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9 Oct 2016

The Wall

Posted by Oblivion in Poetry | 5:54pm

and then it begins to crumble

the wall that you had built
giving it your years of tireless labour
dreaming of it by night
laying brick by brick, by day

and when the wall was complete
you sat there crying
running your numb fingers along its finish
for, it was your dying hour

home became a mere metaphor
when the boys grew up into adults
and the wall aged
soaked in rain, it gathered moss

they will never know 
how glad you will in your grave be
if they fain touch the wall
such is the life after death

but now, the wall is crumbling
because someone somewhere
pulled a brick and crushed it into sand
such is the tale of neglect

should the wall be put up again?
but what crumbles once crumbles again
and again. and again.
and again. and again.

till you forget how many again times
it has crumbled;
till it gets tired of crumbling
or dies. again.

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