Ain't Life Strange???

Life is such a supppperb mix of highs and lows!

uwwwaaaiiiinnnnnn :-((

aintlifestrange | 12 August, 2004 09:01

She didnt call, neither did she come on chat. And when I called, she was merrily sleeping. (*$_))(_%$#@$()#@*&$()*#@^$*)&@#^)(@&#()@#

I hope she's alright... :-(

Feel like something's missing from my daily routine. Got so used to chatting or talking with her everyday.

Now u see what I've been talking abt all this while? I get so restless if there's no contact between us for even a single day. :-( This happ just once before and I reacted exactly same then too...

Main kitna bada gadhaa hooon!


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