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No. 42

Neurotron | 17 August 2004, 8:13am

And one day, you will mourn
The minutes spent in various queues
and crowded pews
filled with a glut of sin
or the lack or excess of bitter gin
The deviation from the Middle Path
and the grapes of wrath.

Did it help?
Was it all you thought it would be?

And one day, I will wonder
if I was really as hard done by you
as I thought
if I will resent all the demons I fought
As I drink the bitter wine you extracted
mercilessly from those grapes,
A quiet serenity my troubled heart drapes
and I wonder if 42
is really the solution
to our collective loneliness.

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: God Talks - Deadtime Stories

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  1. 1. By jai  |  17 Aug 2004, 9:13am

    remember the blue pill from matrix?

  2. 2. By drp  |  17 Aug 2004, 9:25am

    dammit..u HAD to post right NOW dint ya? :|

  3. 3. By Aran  |  17 Aug 2004, 10:33am

    The poetic wordsmith is back. Stay a while please. You're really good this way. :)

  4. 4. By Neurotron  |  17 Aug 2004, 5:22pm

    ~drp: heh heh..u know it, babay!

    ~jai: yeah...dont wanna wake up mate...

  5. 5. By Neurotron  |  17 Aug 2004, 5:25pm

    ~Aran: ah, well. This guy comes and goes as he wishes, sometimes disappears for years even! I hope he stays for a while too.. :-)

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