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Dear August 19, 2003 to August 18, 2004,

Thanks from the bottom of my heart

for perspective - I never thought I could care about anyone else.

for the gain of a brother, nay, a friend - N, shame on me for not being more accepting of you.

for a work ethic - I never knew I had one. It took some responsibility to be placed squarely on my shoulders for me to see myself differently.

for the good will

for showing me how to be compassionate - Another thing I thought was not possible for me.

for self belief.

for giving me something I have always wanted - it was all I expected it to be and more

for new experiences - I  have surprised myself constantly over the past few months.

for renewing my love for the city.

for new friends and old.

for reminding me that having fun is not a crime.

for the freedom of abandoning several hard made plans

for allowing me to trust the moment

for letting me see the people behind the words  

for parents that let me make my own mistakes

for this page.



Dear Rahul, you are alive and well in my thoughts. I wonder if you are still giving Ganeshji an earful.

To every patient that died before my eyes. And the people who broke down before the same cold eyes. If I was detached it was not because I did not care. I hope you have moved on the best you could.

It is with a tinge of sadness that I say goodbye to a part of my life that has undoubtedly been the most personally satisfying. Its not an end in any way except on a calender, because it has changed me and will live on in the life I lead everyday hence. It is a day to be thankful for a lot of things, my own little Thanksgiving.

I could not have asked for a more unexpected or, in some ways, a better ending. I brought home a couple of beers to celebrate with the guys, but they weren't home. Dad was there. So I figured what the hell, and we broke open the brew and ended up talking. I really do not know what makes that man tick. But the good times are always uplifting.

August 20, 2004. I am ready for you.                                           

                                             As much in love with love and life as ever.


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Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Ah, the plot thickens, eh?
    It's been a while ra...where have you been?
    I want revenge! :-D

  2. >:D<

    busturd...totally LIVIN it up aren't we?
    :)>- dood.

  3. DRP, times of strife or the good tines, where woud I be without your comments?
    Revenge is sweet, FunBobby, but so is the wait. Nurse the desire and the emotions will come alive.

  4. stfu n come down here to get your nether regions kicked... :-D
    Using all big big words like 'nurse' (which I know is your favouritest word in the whoooole world)
    It's been almost a week! This is just not done.
    Tch tch tch.

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