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English! #&*$)((*)%&)(#$()*%&@#

aintlifestrange | 19 August, 2004 22:30

Today I went to conduct an english session (abt 2 hrs) at the training camp we guys started.

Made me realise that we guys can prolly spk top (not the eng word but the hydie slang :) ) english, but teaching that lang! baba re baba! That language is sooooo silly! Hundred thousand ways of presenting the same thing! And how the heck do u explain these things to a person who's not so much exposed to the language???

Like this question they asked me: Whats the diff between Took and Taken? How do u explain that? Finally after scratching my head for a long time, came up with the ans to that! I wont tell ya what it is, lets c how many of u can get the ans to that! :-p

We'd given them Reader's Digests to read. They went to the Jokes section and could understand one of those. So asked me to explain it. The best part was after I explained it to them, they not only understood it, but laughed too! Must have laughed just so I dont get disappointed! :-D

Realllllly enjoyed the session today. Hope I can slip off again tom for it! :-)

Aaaah!!! One more thing... :-) Before the session was to start, Venus n I were to meetup to discuss some things. But she called and said she had to go somewhere to collect some certs, as they'd won some comp. So, she wanted to know if we could go thogether, so that we can discuss it on the way... And surprise surprise, when we reached there, she found that they had some prize money also being!!! So as a treat for that, we both went for chat and had Dahi Paapdi and Dahi Puri! :blushing: :-D




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dawn | 19/08/2004, 23:30

im happy for u..

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rainmaker | 20/08/2004, 05:14

..all that Teaching & Eating should keep you in "tip-top" condition, no-namer! ;)

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No Namer | 20/08/2004, 12:54

he he! :)

and thanks, dawn... :)

rainmaker, what on earth were u doing posting a comment at 5:14???? Btw, Rainmaker, are u a fan of John Grisham?

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rainmaker | 20/08/2004, 17:36

it was 3.45 where i live, had returned from a late night show of Fida. and it was the weekend, so..

john grisham fan only for his masterpiece 'rainmaker' :)

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