Cupboard Coward

aloque | 27/08/2004, 04:13 hrs

Everytime I study these lines

I can see I am someone else

I can sense I am someone new,

someone I shouldn't like, but do.

Parts of him I identify in myself;

the coward in hero's disguise,

the foolish moments forgiven

in anticipation of greatness.

I wonder when my name comes

up for its final call, will I have

lived a true moment, one that

is devoid of the confusion?

or will I finally show my colours,

as the violent shades of realization

finally paint me as I was and am,

a coward in a hero's disguise.

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Responses to Cupboard Coward

  1. grins, good one, but uhmmm, does a coward really know he is one? or even think himself as one or rather make a gazillion excuses for whatever action he took or rather didn't take? :P

  2. How do I explain why the things that I want to do are held back by only me....

  3. You did a good job. But knowing you... Perhaps need to know more?

  4. it's like you've a split in your mind. gee, you don't look like that kinda guy. *grin*

  5. I always seem to want to know more..sigh..
    SM, what kind DO i look like?

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