Ain't Life Strange???

Life is such a supppperb mix of highs and lows!

Why are we so bloody sadistic?

aintlifestrange | 28 August, 2004 00:10

Been seeing some kinda trend on my blogs. Whenever i write about some sane propah topic, the number of hits is hardly anything. But the moment I write about how my ex ditched me, how my life is gng down the drain, how much I hate life etc etc etc, the numbers shoot up like anything!

So, can I draw the conclusion that we all are sadists? Or is it that we draw happiness from the fact that others are more miserable than us? Human Nature?

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!



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rainmaker | 28/08/2004, 01:10

the conclusion you can draw from the above phenomenon is >> when you're sad, when your life is going down the drain.... people want to reach out to you and rescue you from the depths of gloom. it doesn't mean we're sadists, it means that we are more concerned about a person who's in need of help rather than a person who's having a blast :)

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Andhroid | 28/08/2004, 01:11

May be people want to share your miseries when you are sad and leave you alone when you are wallowing in happiness.
Do you think 'Dawn'is a sadist for being so concerned about you?

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dawn | 28/08/2004, 09:37

thanku andhroid...
the only reason someone probably comments on a post tat is filled wid misery or sadness is coz they too identify wid d situation or something to tat effect, it is to support u and tell u, 'ur not alone'
it does not mean we are sadists, or take pleasure in some being sadder than we already are, its jus out of concern, for a person in d same situation wud undertsand u far better...
if u laugh, u will have the whole world laughin with ya, comments or no comments!
cry, and u have very few doin the same..u cannot simply dub them sadists, now can ya??????????

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No Namer | 28/08/2004, 22:38

Ok guys, u guys totally misunderstood what I was trying to say. I realllllly thank dawn n Rainmaker who've been there with me whenever I go down the not so pleasant memory lane...

I was talking abt the counter on my blog. Which right now shows 487 hits. Which mean only abt 30 odd ppl READ my post. Whenever I post somethign gloomy, its usually 100+.

I am not talking abt the ppl who are posting comments on the blog. These ppl r genuinely trying to help and reach out the one who needs help. And I thank u guys for it. :)

I was talking abt the number of ppl who read the blog. Simply reading the post, is all I am talkig abt.

No offence intended! :)

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rainmaker | 28/08/2004, 23:43

traffic towards your blog depends on a number of factors.. the timing of your post and the title are two factors. gloom definitely attracts more people than joy because, as dawn says, they dont want you to cry alone. however most people dont know *what* to comment (happens to me too when i read your posts), some people dont know that they can comment without being a member of FH, etc.
not sadism, just curiosity and concern i suppose!

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No Namer | 29/08/2004, 00:02

Hmmm... Ok... I dint think of those things...

And yeah I guess u r right in saying that a lot of ppl might not know what to say and prefer to keep quiet instead of saying the wrong thing and aggravating the person more...

Ok, am convinced that I was wrong. :)

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rainmaker | 29/08/2004, 00:15

nah u weren't wrong.. just misled by the statistics!
hey, so whats your next post gonna be? sad/happy? tell me in advance if its a sad one, i'll be the first to post! :P

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No Namer | 29/08/2004, 00:26

LOL! :)

Still writing it. Its gonna be a thotful one. neither happy nor sad :)

But would still like for you to comment on it :)

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