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Stimulating the brain cells

aintlifestrange | 29 August, 2004 00:09

Finally after a long time I had a chance to discuss philosophy today with a bunch of folks. I used to do this quiet often when I was in delhi. But in hyd, there's only frend I have with whom i could hold such a conversation. So am kinda rusty in that dept now.

Todays discussion was not as stimulating as can be, one of the major reasons being that we cud talk abt it for only 15 mins.

We had started talking abt whether a person is product of his environment or does his basic nature also have a role to play. And as happens in such discussions, we kept jumping between topics and finally ended up discussing something as vague as the meaning of Instinct! :)

I believe that you cant brand a person to be a product of any one individual thing. Its a mix of a lot of things. Including the environment hes brot up in and his basic nature & values (values can again get hugely influenced by the environment). So what I am saying is that theres tight coupling between the two, and you cant just view it as a disjoint relationship.

Otherwise how else can you explain situations where 2 ppl brought up in very similar environments, react very very differently to different situations.

When I thought abt bloggin on this, I had so many ideas floating in my head... But now nothing coming into my mind. :(

Hope my brain cells r set in motion again seeing someone else's views on this...



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rainmaker | 29/08/2004, 01:09

the nature vs nurture theory! yes, they are not mutually exclusive, as u have rightly concluded :)

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dawn | 30/08/2004, 10:54

i actually did not want to comment on this post, coz there was nothing sad in it..:P
nyways, i certainly agree to '2 ppl brought up in very similar environments, react very very differently to different situations.'
tat is very true.. but i think there is also a difference in the bringing up, like i and my brother grew up in d same country, d same city, d same house n d same family!
but, i have different friends, different interests, different hobbies bcoz inspite of having brought up together, i was taught as an individual, i was let to have my ideas, my own feelings and certainly my own space...
i was once reading the article about being the first born and the second born, while the first born is pampered and he is the pet of everyone in the family and grows up being fussy and the kinda person who loves attention, is all reserved, less talkative,and more responsible, the second one grows up being more dynamic, more outgoing and daring coz he was showered with less attention,and is less responsible ..blah blah...
it seemed true to me, coz i was putting myself in d same situation...see... same family, but different people both in the attitude and outlook.. bout philosophy, its one of my middle names...:P gonna stop rite here, or its gonna b longer than yer post..:D

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No Namer | 30/08/2004, 15:54

Hey dawn, dint get ur funda on first/second born.

How can the first be attention loving yet be reserved?

Mostly the attn loving kinds are very vocal.

And one more thing, if the first is more pampered, given more attn than the second one, we cant say that the env are the same...

Shudnt we include these parameters also when we talk abt the reasons for being differenet ppl? And also, do these form a part of the environment? Or will will call it something else?

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rainmaker | 30/08/2004, 20:28

in my case its totally opposite. the first born is like how dawn described the 2nd born, and vice versa! interesting theory though!

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dawn | 30/08/2004, 21:06

ha ha...
well.... the first born is pampered by his parents and dear ones so much so that he does not get ny exposure to the world outside, n hence grows up reserved or so the book says.....
vice versa for the second born...
and talkin about environments, tats wat i was trying to say, might seem like d same 'brought up', but in reality it is quite different... or something to that effect :)

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dawn | 30/08/2004, 21:07

still didnt understand it??..lemme good at confusing the 'confusion'..:P

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dawn | 30/08/2004, 21:09

oh btw, no namer, ur 'will we call it something else' went rite over my head, what do ya mean by that??

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No Namer | 30/08/2004, 21:41

hey rainmaker, r u the first/second? :-p

And dawn, what I was saying was: Will things like how much one is pampered by parents, also come under the "Environment" parameter. Extending it further, will these emotional factors be a part of the
"environment"? Or does "environment" constitute only material things...

'Cuz in u said that u n ur bro were brot up alike. And this threory talks abt factors like pampering by parents etc. So wanted to know if u consider "attention being given to the child" as part of the environment s/he grows up in?

Have I managed to confused u further? :-D

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rainmaker | 30/08/2004, 23:06

dawn, you said "the first born is pampered, fussy, reserved, less talkative,and more responsible"

however, my elder sibling (there's your answer, no namer) is the opposite of that! fussy, but not reserved. in fact, very talkative and less responsible. :D

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dawn | 31/08/2004, 13:21

well, there can b exceptions, now cant there b???
well..nyways tat aint my theory, i read it somewhere and tats wat it says based on a research!.. n trust me, my brother( older to me) fitted my first born categorization perfectly!! FUSSY AND RESERVED!! ..hope he doesnt read dis..:P , well its true nyways :)

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dawn | 31/08/2004, 13:25

and No Namer, emotion certanly forms a major part of d environment we managed to survive in,
i have a friend who has come from a broken home, she suffers from insecuritie and guilt all d time... nything we say is wrong, and if we dont say a thing, we dont care...see..its her brought up tat made a different, she reacts differently, coz she thinks differently, and she thinks differently, coz of her circumstances...does it make ny sense??

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No Namer | 31/08/2004, 21:43

yes ma'am! :salutes: makes perfect sense... Unfortunately, I also have a few frends like the ones u talked abt...

Theories apart, I guess it must be good to have a sibling... I am the lone child, so cant say much abt it... Sometimes I feel its better this way, sometimes feel the opp...

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dawn | 01/09/2004, 11:25 me, it is amazing to have a sibling, i have an elder brother, jus an year older...n he was such a fun to be with..we were best of friends, we used to hang out together, make fun of each other, fight, feed, love and care about each other...i was and still am totatly proud to be his sister, it's been 3 yrs since he moved on..n i am still here..n these three have taught me what loneliness is all bout, what depression is, and what it feels like without a sibling....
trust me, i havent known a single good thing bout being the lone child..mayb tats bcoz i miss him too much....:(
mayb its different for those who grow
up tat way...

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