Happy Onam on 28-8-2004

Let this Onam bring prosprity and joy to all of us.On this auspicious day of Onam, let us  confer our bounteous grace and love on each of us.
Emperor Maha Bali best among the Asura emperors, based all his entire actions on truth and justice. Looking upon his subjects as his own children, he performed his duties. Bali was a very generous person. He was compassionate and was a shining sun of truth. The very fact of his reign in the land of Kerala is the cause for the prosperity and happiness of the people there. He had conquered all the lesser gods with his great prowess. He performed a sacrifice called Viswajit, in commemoration of his victory, on the banks of the river Narmada. The Lord incarnated as Vamana at that time. He was born as the son of the saintly couple Kashyapa and Aditi. They lived in a hermitage known as Siddhashrama. The young Vamana walked towards the site where Bali was performing the sacred ritual. The boy was brilliant and effulgent, and everyone looked with wonder at his great beauty. Vamana was the very personification of the attractive magnetic field. Ratnamala, the daughter of Bali saw the young boy and developed a desire in her mind to have Him as her own child and fondle Hi  in various ways. But, in the meantime, as you know, Vamana had pushed Bali down into the Pathala (netherworld). This event turned her love towards Vamana into hate and she felt that she could kill the child herself. The all-knowing Vamana noticed what was passing through the mind of Ratnamala and pronounced 'Tathaasthu' (may it be so!). God, since He is omnipresent, Sarvatah Paani-paadam Tat Sarvathokshi Siromukham, Sarvatah Sruthimalloke Sarvamavruthya Thishthati (with hands, feet, eyes, heads, mouth and ears pervading everywhere, He permeates the entire universe), He is constantly pronouncing this blessing on all. Nothing escapes His attention. That is why we should always keep our minds filled with good thoughts.  He told Ratnamala, "Mother, you first desired to breast-feed Me. But seeing your father's downfall, your desire turned into hatred. You felt like feeding poison and killing Me. You will be born in Dwapara Yuga as Poothana and feed Me with poisonous milk, and you yourself will die." Therefore, it is essential for all of us to have constantly good thoughts as God is pronouncing blessing of fulfilment incessantly. In view of the ignorance of this reality, mankind fills its mind with many forms of evil thoughts. 

See no evil, see what is good;
Hear no evil, hear what is good;
Think no evil, think what is good;
Talk no evil, talk what is good;
Do no evil, do what is good;
This is the way to God. 
Though born in a family of demons, he was filled with divine thoughts. It is the consequence of the great merits of Bali that is manifesting as the benefits that people of Kerala enjoy today. Onam does not mean merely the preparation of sweet pudding, various delicious dishes, etc., and eating ourselves to the full. We must re-live the experience of the encounter between Bali and Vamana. Today Vamana is supposed to be physically present in the land of Kerala and hence this day should be celebrated with gaiety and joy. We should lead an ethical, moral and spiritual life.  Sathyam Bruyath, Priyam Bruyath, Na Bruyath Sathyamapriyam (speak the truth, speak pleasantly and do not speak unpalatable truth). These three values are the ethical, moral and spiritual, respectively. All the three values ultimately depend upon truth. Following the path of truth and without swerving from a spiritual life, we should work for the welfare of the whole world. Kerala has the political identity of being communist. However, every individual Keralite, irrespective of his political colour, never swerves from the daily duties of a purifying bath, smearing of holy ash on his forehead or wearing a sandalwood paste mark, visiting the temples, etc. Their divine love and devotion is unmatching. Kerala is a beautiful state. People there are replete with spiritual attitudes. But time has had its toll and the tender hearts of people have turned hard. Why is this? It is our own attitude that is responsible. The good and bad habits of the individuals of a region have their effect on the whole land. 

If money is lost, nothing is lost;
If health is lost, something is lost;
If character is lost, everything is lost.

Start the day with love;
Spend the day with love;
Fill the day with love;
End the day with love;
This is the way to God. 

Emperor Bali was the one who encouraged pure and sacred thoughts and activities. He was called Mahabali as he was truly great in every aspect of his character. Kerala, established by such a great personage is not to be reckoned lightly. In the map of the world, Kerala may look small, but it is a centre of great divinity. It is full of bliss. This land gave birth to Bali, Vamana and it was where Viswamitra performed intense penance and revealed the sacred Gayatri Mantra which is prefixed with the triple syllable Bhur Bhuvah Suvah. Bhur represents materialisation, Bhuvah - vibration and Suvah - radiation. The universe is entirely constituted out of these three components. Radiation is Divinity, vibration is the life principle and materialisation is the body. All these three are in you.

You are not one, but three, viz., the one You think you are (body), the You, others think you are (mental) and the one you really are (the Atma). Only when you recognise these realities, you achieve your humanness. Do not get too much attached to your body. So long as you are alive, you must keep your body in a healthy condition. For Karma Yoga, body is the basis. For meditation and worship, mind is the basis. For realisation, heart is the basis. You must recognise the unity of all these three. There are several three-fold unities which can be recognised, for example, 

Trigunam Trigunakaram, Trinetramcha Triyayudham;
Trijanma Papa Samharam Eka Bilvam Sivararpanam
The people of Kerala are really lucky. Staying in their homes, they would perhaps celebrate this occasion each in his own small way. They will not get the opportunity to celebrate it in this fashion with several thousands like this. The people of Kerala are the subjects of Bali and are blessed by Vamana and therefore they are all very lucky and full of merit. Keep in mind your ancient culture. That is your life and your sustenance. These days our culture is declining. If you lose your culture, what are you left with? Everything is lost. The seeds of ancient Indian culture planted in your land are alive and growing. Ensure that they do not ever wilt but ensure that they grow stronger. Believers and non-believers, all are imbued with this culture. Ensure that this is nurtured and developed.

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