aloque | 30/08/2004, 02:33 hrs

I think there was a past life when I was seriously repressed, had several issues that made me lose hair before I hit puberty, and was basically the cause of a world war or two. In fact, I must have had three or four past lives like that, because that is the only suitable explanation I can offer for how much this one rocks.

Dearest FunBobby, How fuckin old are you??

Its ironic that after 3 and some months of furious blogging, the shortest post I have put up is the happiest.

Current Mood: Happy Indeed!
Current Music: Is happy indeed happier than Grand? If not, then it is today. I wonder, why is there no emoticon for Hyper?

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Responses to Hyperness!

  1. lol, this was so bubbly I could almost picture you bouncing around like Tigger lol, glad you are feeling happy :D

  2. awake at all hours of the day and night, I am unable to get over how lucky I feel.

  3. shshshsh, don't jinx it :D

  4. Hmmm...and what do I have to do with all this?
    I knew you were grinning all the while, but I didnt know you were THIS happy.
    And don't rock it too much - it will topple.
    Oh wait, no...that's just MY life...

  5. Really, there are no words to say. I don't know about jinxing it or getting toppled over, but I expect I will remember feeling like this, and will be glad that this happened even in the event of those calamities actually coming to be.
    I tell you, there can be few greater feelings than this. I say few because I don't want to write off any feelings that I haven't yet had the opportunity to explore.

  6. it's so good to see you so happy. Is it contagious? may I rub some off? :P

  7. *in line*

  8. no Aran, you are not allowed, you asked everyone to go forth and be miserable :P so go stand in another line

  9. *still in this line and glowering at Lil*

  10. nope! I came FIRST!, pushes Aran :P (I only hug you when rainmaker can see)

  11. :o

    *pushed, fell, lying on the ground, sobbing*

  12. sighs, I didn't mean to be that rough, picks Aran up, puts her first and stands in line behind her

  13. Bwuddy dose. cadt dalk!! hedppp!!!


  14. winces, runs to enlist the help of some paramedic, anyone? anyone have some ice handy?

  15. We're on a doc's bdog. :D

  16. breathes a sigh of relief, but where is the doc? shouldn't he come to the rescue?

  17. If you guys have finished playing the fool, the doctor is in.

  18. Dhank you. Could you pdease see do by bwuddy dose? She pushed me ad I fell and bwuddied by dose. It's bweeding.

  19. head back, pinch your nose, stay like that for a few seconds now.
    Now, put one foot up, take the free hand, and smacking your bottom repeatedly, squeal like a little pig in distress.

    damn, if only real life were like that....

  20. Damb. Dey dhrew be oud doo. De boss beoble. :(
    Bad adogue!

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