31 Aug 2004

When Death is Peace

Posted by Jenna in Poetry | 6:07pm

When Death is Peace< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

-A Dedication to My Fathers Love


Now life is peace,

Your love now all.

In the ever after,

May you never fall.


In life, pure devotion,

Veiled your tired face.

Keep in step with civilisation,

In life

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  1. By divakar

    31 Aug 2004, 7:07pm [ Reply ]

    That was really touching. Reminded me of a dear friend who lost her father last year. Sorry for ur loss!!!

  2. By dawn

    31 Aug 2004, 8:26pm [ Reply ]

    hey jenna... dont worry, things r gonna b fine ,
    i know its hard for you, and this is gonna pass...
    i share a special bonding with my father, i love him so much and if god granted me one wish, id wish to b his daughter over n over again... so i know how it wud feel to lose someone so close, my prayers are with u, may God give you the strength to deal with this..

  3. By tabrez

    31 Aug 2004, 8:32pm [ Reply ]

    patience and time will set things right so hang in there.loved your lines...take care.

  4. By rainmaker

    31 Aug 2004, 11:08pm [ Reply ]

    my words might sound hollow, but give them a reading anyway.

    the pain must be too much to bear.. i can only implore you to allow the good memories to overshadow the bad ones. you've written in Silent Love about your dad saying "dont grieve...". well, that poem may be imagination, but i'm sure that when your dad watches from above, he'd love to see his daughter Smile. so please do the needful :)

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