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Amazing August

aintlifestrange | 01 September, 2004 08:41

Got to know yesterday that Bonus has been declared by my co. and tht I got a decent sum. :-D Also today I got my tickets booked to Delhi by Deccan Air. Normally it costs me 3700 bucks one way, that too Apex fares. But Deccan air costed me 3600 bucks round trip. :-D

So financially, am pretty happy today! :-p

That got me thinking... And I can say that on the whole, August has been one of the best months in the recent past. For one, I did not let my past haunt me too much. And I get to see Venus lot lot more often than previously. Things r gng very well professionally. My NGO work is gng even better.

And the best of them all is: This Blog! :-D

Really guys, I started bloggin at the beg of this month, and on an avg, I have been blogging every 2-4 days. And this when I NEVER EVER thot I will blog. I saw so many ppl starting to blog and never understand how cud they put up something so intimate for public consumption. I just wasnt comfy with the idea of someone else getting to know my thots and feelings. But now thats the very thing that draws me to blogging! :) That nobody I know, personally, is reading this. I am sure the anonymity is a great factor.

Kinda like they say there's a very thin line between Love n Hatred.... Ok ok. Bad Analogy. Bad Bad Bad Analogy! But u get the drift, dontcha?

Now I feel I shud have started earlier.  :-( Chalo, der aaye durust aaye. :-)

Hope these wonderful times continue...

p.s. I am listening to Osibisa? Have any of heard them? They are an African Tribal Band, and boy! r they good!!!



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rainmaker | 01/09/2004, 23:19

osibisa? :S

good luck with the venus gazing dude!!

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The Crackednut | 02/09/2004, 00:02

Ossibissa??? oh why not!! was rummaging thru the attic one summer day and came across this trunk-full of old LP's, one of them being Ossibissa. It was first part of their tour of India - 1982 !!!
Man... they're bloody good at their stuff. More importantly i recorded on the most out-of-this-world cover of "Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram" by these guys! Blows the creativity out of the present day musician's ass ...!!

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No Namer | 02/09/2004, 23:20

Hey TCN! Gr8 to read that u kow abt Osibisa...

Dint know abt their Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram album. Will try to chk that out.

And hey rainmaker, since I wrote this post, I've had no contact with Venus. :-((. No meet/phone/chat. :(

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rainmaker | 03/09/2004, 12:50

*abracadabra*, all the bad luck has been undone.. ... go pick up your phone, its venus on the line :)

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No Namer | 05/09/2004, 23:09

Thanks Rainmaker! Ur wand worked! :)

I met her today (only for a few mins tho') But still it was worth it! :)

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Michael | 21/06/2006, 05:10

Is it possible to get a copy of any Ossibissa albums you might have? I was taught drums by the conga drummer, and would love to get a copy. Nothing here in OZ

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