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Neurotron | 2 September 2004, 11:11am

Have you watched 'Mulholland Drive'?

The story is trippy enough as it is, but the freakiest thing is the club in one scene - Silencio. The other woman drags Naomi Watts (after some woohoo! girl-on-girl action) at 2.30 in the morning to a club in the middle of nowhere. Called Silencio. There are only a handful of people in the theatre, who are absolutely mesmerised by the show. Imagine a place where a really mindjob show starts at 2.30 am. And no bloody crowds thronging the place like horny bees.

Ah. How wonderful that must be.

The whole show is based on illusions, but not like any you would have seen, or even conceived of, before. I can't forget the beautiful woman singing a Spanish song about 'Durando'. She sings her heart out, the cavernous hall echoes with her enchanting voice. You cannot possibly have a single other thought while listening to her, other than of her love for Durando. Then, bang in the middle of a line, she drops to the floor. Dead. But the song continues, without the slightest hint of a break. It was magic. And so tragic.

It's not often I wish for something I saw in a movie to exist in reality. I could do with a Club Silencio, to help me appreciate the fine line between illusion and...


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  1. 1. By JOhnny  |  2 Sep 2004, 12:11pm

    Mulholland Dr. One helluva movie man. I watched it thrice back to back, and then spent 2 more hours reading about it on net. The movie is a masterpiece. My all time great. I worship Lynch.

  2. 2. By Neurotron  |  2 Sep 2004, 2:37pm

    Ah, someone who knows the movie! Since that is the case, I guess a small postscript to the post could be added:
    The chanteuse, Rebecca Del Rio, is actually singing the Spanish version of Roy Orbison's "Crying". I'm not entirely sure what or who 'Durando' is.
    But the movie is a complete and utter mindjob. :-)
    ~JOhnny: I'd love to watch more you have any of his other movies? Lost Highway, Twin Peaks etc..?

  3. 3. By JOhnny  |  4 Sep 2004, 12:07pm

    I have his latest movie : The Straight Story. I shall try to get his older ones too. Shall inform ya if i get 'em. :)

  4. 4. By The Crackednut  |  6 Sep 2004, 9:13pm

    Yikes, can't believe why i missed this post for so long!

    yah.. saw the movie too. freaky stuff. There's a whole lotta literature on the movie out there. Some of them have amazing interpretations. (Psst.. heard of

    The best part about it was another friend and myself, situated 3 km away from each other, made sure we saw it at the same time! great fun... and later we analysed it and analysed and analysed it till we got bored of the "girl-on-girl" sequence !! :))

    u shd try catching "The Short Films of David Lynch". Borrowed it once from a fellow FHi. what a headache... man! Just can't get thru the whole thing in one sitting...

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