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Neurotron | 3 September 2004, 6:34pm

Love is a many blundered thing.

You'd think with the number of those I've made, I'd know a helluva a lot about it by now. Guess not everyone learns from mistakes...

I must be one DUMB dawg...

Current Mood: Confused
Current Music: Always with me, always with you - Joe Satriani (I CANT seem to get it out of my head...its pissing me off now...)

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  1. 1. By fallen angel  |  3 Sep 2004, 7:34pm

    i've learned only the wrong things from my mistakes. everytime.

    so, like, you should be glad for NOT learning ANYthing.

    like, be thankful for the small mercies n all, you know...

  2. 2. By bt  |  3 Sep 2004, 8:18pm

    true fact, you learn nothing from your mistakes. it's difficult enough trying to figure out which ones were the mistakes and which ones were the 'blessings in disguise'. due to our undying, persistent (think charlie chaplin and stick paper) optimism, we learn exactly diddly from our mistakes. garth brooks once said the best gift you can sometimes get is an unanswered prayer. he wears really tight pants, so i think he knows what he's talking about

  3. 3. By JOhnny  |  4 Sep 2004, 12:11pm

    I think, one learns more from the mistakes made by his enemies than from those made by himself.
    Love is all messed up. Its the most abused word in the english language. I sometimes wonder, is there anything like "True Love"? :|

  4. 4. By jai  |  4 Sep 2004, 4:33pm

    the only thing i ve learnt is to commit them over and again.

  5. 5. By No Namer  |  5 Sep 2004, 11:44pm

    He He! Guys can be dumb dawgs in this dept. And its birthright! So nobody dare snatch it from us. :)

  6. 6. By No Namer  |  5 Sep 2004, 11:46pm

    BTW, I say this with such authority 'cuz I am prolly the dumbest dawg of all. :|

    I've had more than 40 crushes till date and I dont mind having 40 more! :)

  7. 7. By divakar  |  6 Sep 2004, 7:12am

    completely agree with jai

  8. 8. By adi  |  8 Sep 2004, 1:07am

    me too

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