2AM, September 4th 2004. Dungeon of pain

Its 2AM, my eyes are starting to register the first hints of a sleep debt, a humongous sleep debt. Its 2AM, September 4th, 2004. Its 2 hours into the day of my college life. Or is it?

This has been one nerve-wrackingly tense night. For the past 12 hours, there's been nothing but planning, planning and planning. Trying to come up with contingency plans,...etc... At 10PM it hit us, or atleast it hit me. All the enthu associated with organising the event simply overshadowed all the fears which SHOULD have crept up.

Its 2:15AM, now, those fears are still fresh. Driving home on a completely lonely highway at this time is one heckuva bloody experience. Wow. Those fears have brought out about infinite questions starting with "What if....".

Its 2:23AM now, when I'm worried I tend to check the time a lot. Heck, I even count the seconds. Thats just me. Its been a while since I've blogged. But tonight, sitting in the campus which I'd practically lived in for the past 3 years, sitting there at 1AM,  alone, looking around at all the juniors...Man, still can't believe it. This is happening. This is it. These are words which most of you won't associate with, but this is just a worried me typing out what my mind is trying to comprehend.

Its 2:25AM now, the sleep debt reckons. Its time for payback. 3 hours atleast.

7hrs to go...


Current Mood: Worried
Current Music: eagle eyes - fallin in love