Taking stock

aloque | 06/09/2004, 21:49 hrs

I promise to.....

Always trust my instinct.

Always follow my gut.

Always respect my conscience.

Be less of a coward.

Blame myself less.

Not be ashamed of my confusion.

Never forget who I am.

Remember that truth simplifies.

Remember that trust liberates.

Remember that love is a choice, and to last has to be renewed.

Remember that true understanding requires detachment from ego.

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: Jeremy - Pearl Jam

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Responses to Taking stock

  1. This has got to be a first...aloque being the first to comment on his own blog....but this is to say that I just notices that the pic seems to be working on the previous post. YAY.
    Not Bhosaded so much, huh Mr.N?

  2. lovely words aloque, sounds not just like a plan, but more like a vow ((hugs))

  3. Lily, Lily, Lily....sighhh... you are so awesome.

    Mood : Mooney

  4. ... not to get stoned and laugh your butt off ??

  5. dude, of course not. I don't make promises that I do not intend to keep....

  6. It's all about Mr N's phenomenal html prowess now, innit?
    If only u had done exactly as I said from the beginning...

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