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How do I love thee...

Neurotron | 9 September 2004, 9:47am

A (M's friend) got married in May this year.

She'd known her fiancee for 6 months, but only thru the phone (he was in the oosaa, u see)- never met him in person. Now, she wanted to give him 180 cards on their wedding day - one for each day she'd known and loved him. And she wanted M to help her write stuff in the cards.


How do I even KNOW these people?? Jeez - marriage is supposed to signify reaching a certain level of mental maturity, not regression to high school crush level. And for frig's sake, if YOU love him and YOU are going to marry him, write them cards yourself innit? It may not be easy and you may not have enough to say for 180 cards...ahhh..see where this is going?? There's no point in giving him 180 friggin' cards! And if he's anything near normal, he's more likely to be pissed off than anything else. And then you'll be disappointed with his reaction, then he won't know what to say/'ll all be a humongous mess. But oh, hold it, what am I thinking expecting you to forsee/understand this?? YOU want to give him 180 CARDS! B.p...b.p...breathe...breathe...

I'm not sure what happened, finally. I think they stopped at sixty or a hundred or some such thing.

*sigh* Anyway, the reason I started this was to look at it from the love angle. I was wondering, if I were to write the one I love a few cards, how many would I be able to write before I ran out of words? Of course, I'd hardly go after those 'quotes' and 'sayings' and corny 'poems' high school girls write down religiously in their pink diaries with hearts all over them, in the fervent hope that they'd win over the hunkiest jock because of the heart-wrenching emotion behind them. I'd just say it straight.

I'd tell her I've never met anyone else I can just stare at for so long and not know the passage of time. I'd tell her I've never met anyone who I can be so comfortable in silence with. I'd tell her how I want her to be with me wherever I am and whatever I'm doing. I'd tell her how it's been so long and how I still feel I know so little. I'd tell her the future I've planned for us. I'd tell her how she could do all her funky mathematical calculations with all the words I've said, and I could still come up with more crap to keep her laughing and sheltered from sadness. I'd tell her I've got so much more to give, I'd ask her to stay, and let Bob Seger explain how we've got tonight and how she won't need tomorrow...

Current Mood: Mooney
Current Music: Weve got tonight - Bob Seger

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  1. 1. By Ravi  |  9 Sep 2004, 10:47am

    How the heck are you going to get out of this one...... ssoooooooo painful.........

  2. 2. By diva  |  9 Sep 2004, 11:18am

    oooooosa candidate...hmmm..ur true, have already experienced that once...sometimes we need 2 do weird things in the name of friendship.

  3. 3. By Neurotron  |  9 Sep 2004, 11:33am

    @Ravi: yeah, v painful. Luckily, I didnt have to do anything - just had to attend the pre-wedding party! It was my friend who had to do all the card writing..

    @Diva: heh heh. Mama, ur case is beyond any of this ra...weird is an underesht-statement! Since I know abt how distance can help, hope you're doing better.. :-)

  4. 4. By patch  |  10 Sep 2004, 1:15pm

    aw! you mush-puppy, you :) apply for that damn job at hallmark, already.

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