Rubbing my eyes in disbelief

aloque | 12/09/2004, 06:22 hrs

Dreams of the day, my waking beams
of sunshine in faraway fields of green,
Thoughts of abandon, happiness bought
with strange currencies as yet unseen,
Laughter and mirth, my face and hers
lost hopelessly in our own reflections.
These were the ways I counted the bliss
that I was sure was too good to happen
Yet, I woke up today and heard the notes
of her laughter as the sun rose over green.


So lucky.

Heart's going to explode.


Current Mood: Happy Indeed!
Current Music: none

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Responses to Rubbing my eyes in disbelief

  1. what's that song again? i can feel it in my fingers..? i feel it in my toes?

  2. stop hogging all the happiness dammit.
    looks like i will be leaving without seeing you, since you don't deserve me one bit. so good luck with love and life and *choke* acting.

  3. I don't know who wrote that song. You see, I wasn't much of a love song fan. I must say though, that person knew what he/she was talking about...
    patch....nooo, you can't do that. CALL ME.

  4. Wazzaaa Al? I was in Hyd. And folks told me you are too happy to be disturbed. Tell me it aint so :))

  5. Stu, that is "love is all around me" by wet wet wet. And I am hoping that it was not a rhetorical question :)

  6. grrrr .... *controlling emotions* im glad u are happy ... no really .. i am *banging head on the wall*

  7. WAZAAAA.....dude!!! its says you commented on monday. thats today. that means you are still here... disturb me.

  8. damn, this state of mind is just too disorienting. It just occured to me that you could have commented from just about anywhere on the freakin planet. Damn...

  9. smiles, it's so lovely to see you so happy, knocks on wood, mumbles a spell against the evil eye :)

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