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Office-tential angst

Neurotron | 17 September 2004, 3:39pm

What do you do when the person you are most disappointed with is yourself?

And what is it whith people and accepting responsibility? Why shy away from it? If you have done something wrong or not as desired, and you know it or have been made to realise it, where's the shame in saying " Yes, I see how I could have done better. It won't happen again."?

Office politics is such a bitch. Shows the true nature and character of people. I find it very difficult to associate myself with people who lack integrity and/or moral courage. Over the past year, I have been listening to various people at different levels in the hierarchy talk about others. Ok, so some grumbles are justified. No problems with that. But why would you go back and kiss the ass of the same person you just put down? How can you smile and share pleasantries and gossip about OTHER people, like you have nothing against this person, and you loooove him / her? It's disgusting.

I can maintain a working professional relationship with people. I find that after hearing stuff about some people, mostly justified, I lose a little respect for them. Let's you and I keep our interaction at a professional level, have a few lighter moments now and then. But don't expect me to grin at you like a moron or kiss up to you. Stop wondering why I don't do that stuff with you anymore - my self-respect is more important to me than your ego.

What's with kissing up to bosses? I just don't get it. Fine, keep them happy, do your job well and stop being in their faces all the time. THAT'S how they will respect you and want you to work for them. Not if you keep going to them all the fucking time for every small thing; or if you keep blaming others for work not done just because you want to maintain a clean sheet. I'd much rather have a sheet with a few inconsistencies here and there and be responsible about it. At least that way, I can face them next time with dignity.

I am disappointed with myself because I didn't meet a deadline. The job had two parts, mine being slightly larger. Ok, so the person doing the other half didn't finish on time either, and the job cannot be submitted without both parts. But that's no excuse for not finishing my part on time. When I realised she wasn't going to finish in time either, I slowed down a bit and took time to go over the stuff again and check if I'd made any mistakes. In between, she sneaked in her half-baked job just so it would look like she finished before I did. What a shame. I just grinned and thought - you are not worth my disgust. You can't even take pride in knowing that though late, you at the very least turned in a good job. Sadly, the fact that will be counted in the final analysis is whether it was in time or not - not quality. So I guess I lose. But that's ok - I don't mind so much.

Some days you lose, other you lose badly. What counts is whether YOU think you won or lost. And make no mistake - winning IS everything.

Current Mood: Angry
Current Music: One man army - Prodigy [thats what I am here. Fuck you snivelling weasels]

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  1. 1. By Obscurum  |  17 Sep 2004, 4:39pm

    1. I too am dissapointed with you, for the reasons that follow.

    2. You are now bitching about those that bitch. ( only you're doing it in a diferent forum. ) But that doesnt matter, since you're doing it anyway.

    3. I'd never trade quality for quantity or timeliness. All good things come to those who wait.

    4. There are no truths, only perspectives.

    5. You seem to be thinking that you've lost and therefore you have ( by your own definition )

    6. It could be worse. A woman could cut off your penis while you're sleeping and toss it out the window of a moving car.
    ( Tyler Durden - Fight Club )

  2. 2. By Neurotron  |  17 Sep 2004, 5:07pm

    Pt 2: This is release, not bitching. This post is intended for me to maybe re-read later, and reflect. It's not particularly 'to' anyone else. Bitching makes sense if done to someone who knows the other party and can, in theory, contribute to the 'bitching'. Except one person here who may be connected, I doubt the word 'bitching' would apply here.
    Pt 3: It's unclear what u prefer - quality or the other two u mentioned. I prefer quality. And I think it's time for ME to stop waiting! :-)
    Pt 4: that's your...well, perspective dude. Everyone's entitled to one.
    Pt 5: Hmmm...maybe you have a point there. But what I was trying to say was that on the surface it may look like I lose, but since I did what I'm happier with, I win. Maybe it wasn't so clear on the post...
    Pt 6: lol. Very true!
    How ya doin otherwise mate? Long time, no call.. :-D

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