Rules of nature

aloque | 18/09/2004, 11:27 hrs

Don't fret my love,
for our worlds are
happier than ever.

When clouds gather,
menacing dark,
we have each other.

Streaks of lightning
are but silver linings
when love is our umbrella.

Eyes closed, in embrace,
in the midst of
earth's sweet vapours,

We'll dance in the rain
and drown our worlds
with our laughter.

Tears trickle, clouds rain, gales howl, and floods drown. Rules of nature.
Truth bridges, friendship binds, time heals, hearts feel. Rules of nature.


By the way, where is Lily?

Current Mood: Lovestruck
Current Music: champagne supernova

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Responses to Rules of nature

  1. god i am going to BARF! ;) hee hee hee couldnt resist.

  2. heh heh, now wouldn't that be just like Inez...

    Well, on second thoughts Inez wouldn't do that. What she might do is say,"That's right, fawn on her. Like the mad dog you are", and punch me twice in the gut and make me puke.

  3. yes, that's so. thanks for the idea NOW i know what to do muhuhuhuhahahahahaha

  4. wo mai Gad.

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