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At last.

Neurotron | 20 September 2004, 4:45pm

There is something so amazingly liberating about taking the plunge.

Into waters you've been in before. Waters usually cold, almost always murky when you're in deep, and with monsters you've faced and lost to before. But to plunge headfirst inspite of the knowledge - extremely foolhardy, extremely liberating. But, then, it's not love if you don't feel like a fool every so often.

There is something so amazingly liberating about burning stuff. My current favorite: old bridges.

Some bridges are worth renovating. Today, I burn my Millennium Bridge. A structurally defective piece, built largely on hope and faith, and an investment of millions in emotional currency. But a ferry service will still run across the river, for now. If there is sufficient cause, maybe the bridge will be rebuilt. If there is even less cause, maybe the ferry will be made an annual event. It may not stop entirely because we are still, after all, neighbours from just across the river. And there is history.

There is something so amazingly liberating about saying it out loud.

I should know - I did it yesterday.

Current Mood: Happy
Current Music: Alive - Pearl Jam

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  1. 1. By diva  |  20 Sep 2004, 5:45pm

    true dude...some bridges are not worth building...good 2 see ya happy...hey btw, lost ur mail id...mail me if

  2. 2. By hanktheyank  |  20 Sep 2004, 6:42pm

    watcha talkin about fooo????? :~()

  3. 3. By Jai  |  21 Sep 2004, 5:06am

    So who is it now?

  4. 4. By Neurotron  |  21 Sep 2004, 9:47am

    @hank : probably nuthin you'd be interested in daw'... :-D

    @Jai : who is who dude?

  5. 5. By hanktheyank  |  21 Sep 2004, 3:44pm

    touche' :)

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