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Neurotron | 21 September 2004, 2:17pm

Saale!! Hum tumhari maa behen ek kar denge!!


I mean, what IS that? It doesn't even make sense, leave alone being insulting. I've heard my friends, more often than not from the northern parts of the country, scream this at the guys we were warning or fighting with. And I always wondered, just because you said maa AND behen in the same sentence, it becomes an insult? How can you make someone's mother and sister 'one'? I used to have to stop myself from laughing whenever I heard this.

Any northies reading this - care to explain?

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  1. 1. By inez  |  21 Sep 2004, 3:17pm

    ah but the best is, a girl while being eve teased says: tumhare ghar me maa behen nahin hai kya, to which the arsehole replies: haan hain lekin bibi nahin hai. !!!!!!!!

  2. 2. By tabrez  |  21 Sep 2004, 3:48pm

    maabehen ek karna!!
    interesting concept! lol

  3. 3. By Obscurum  |  22 Sep 2004, 11:37am

    To "make as one", both mother and sister is the delicate way of putting forward the following :

    I'll screw both your mother and sister in one go !

    Its a conversational anomaly, a bit like the Hyderabadi - "Kya hai ki...."

    These phrases obviously have a very regional flavour, and we need not attempt to analyse or ridicule, but embrace them as part of our great Indian culture.

    Most countries have them, for instance; if you were in Birmingham UK, ( amongst the Brummies ), the frequent prelude to something they've missed would be - " You wot then our kid ? " ( our kid to show endearment, and just- "you wot" to a casual acquaintance.)

    You've also probably heard some of the more infamous Mumbai street slang and insults like : " Tere jaath ka baida", which literally translates to "The egg of your caste".

    Or the Goan " Tujhe mai cha Goh ", which means nothing but the husband of your mother, ie your father !

    Or even "Gaal fon aan" which means "stick it in the grave".

    Then we have the famous Bengali " Boka Choda " !

    And the common All American - "Whats Up ?", whcih to me is by far the most meaningless, yet we use it unthinkingly in chat room conversations and in daily speech.

    Interestingly, the Americans are the only people in the world who have and know only 1 language ie American English.

    As an Indian i feel proud to know Hindi, atleast 1 regional language and English.

  4. 4. By Neurotron  |  22 Sep 2004, 5:06pm

    @Obscurum : Thank you. Now it makes some little sense. The insults I've heard, be it Hindi or Telugu or any other, usually make some semblance of sense.
    Been in Britain for a little while, but never heard that one...hmmm.
    And I can totally relate to that linguistic pride.

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