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Neurotron | 24 September 2004, 11:43am

Sheets of blank paper.

Write. Write me a story. Write me a poem. Write our story. Our story inverse, in verse. Write till the words become an extension of your body. Write till each letter feels like a piece of your heart. Write like the poet you are. Write me a play which lasts a lifetime. Write till you feel giddy with excitement. Write our names a million times in invisible ink, so you can write over and over like on a sandy beach. Then write them once with indelible ink, like the picture in your mind of the most beautiful thing you ever saw.

Sheets of empty canvas.

Paint. Paint your love. Paint till the colours ebb and flow, like emotional tidal waves that wash over you and me. That leave me, drained, on the shores, where I can follow your footsteps in the sand to a home in the woods. Paint the tears that run down, like raindrops on windowpanes, like happiness into your soul. Paint me the future. Paint me a fairytale. Fill in the gaping holes in my body with the warm hues of the look in your eyes. Paint me pretty pictures of us in the sun, in the rain, in the cold, in the ocean, through the storm, in starry nights, in wide open fields, trapped in a thought, flying through hidden caves, drowning in words, drowning in silences; so I can hang them on the walls of our little world.

Sheets of unfilled tablature lines.

Sing. Compose the tune my heart sings at the sight of you. Sing like nobody but I can hear you. Sing till your throat burns like my skin at your touch. Sing till you can see us dancing, tiptoeing around the notes. Sing till the dawn finds us wrapped in technicolor dreams and drenched in wine. Sing till we get thrown out of the opera for being unruly. Sing till the melody runs right through you and makes you shiver in summer, like you sometimes do. Sing me a wave of joy so high it crashes like a clap of thunder and leaves us breathless and laughing like mad children. Sing me a song more beautiful than yesterday and call it tomorrow.

These sheets are yours. Fill them, for they are me.

Current Mood: Mooney
Current Music: The one you and I make together...the beautiful kind.

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  1. 1. By The train  |  24 Sep 2004, 12:43pm

    chooo chweeeeet.

  2. 2. By whg  |  24 Sep 2004, 2:12pm

    totally agree with the train

  3. 3. By diva  |  24 Sep 2004, 3:11pm

    Good one dude...really liked it...btw, i replied 2 ur mail..a big one..and mailed it 2 ur office id.

  4. 4. By mls  |  24 Sep 2004, 6:54pm

    Nice post I thought!

  5. 5. By mls  |  24 Sep 2004, 7:00pm

    Nice post I thought!

  6. 6. By drp  |  24 Sep 2004, 11:27pm

    I'm not a very agreeing i go against wat choo choo says and also wat poo poo says....
    Dear Neuro,
    This deserves to be typed out in some charas font and hung up on my wall. I swear. Thats the only place. So I may awake at midnight and read it, and go WHOA!!
    And now I've completely lost it. Btw, in case you want to contribute to my dying blog,you can always post there also. Entries are free, simply display your sense of humor or lack thereof and I shall provide you with my password.
    Shaking my right leg like a madfucking dynamo while I type this. No fucking idea why.

    So thank you for your post,

    PS: @poo poo :YEHE!

  7. 7. By Neurotron  |  27 Sep 2004, 2:13pm

    @whg, mls : thank you. :-)

    @diva : hmm..didnt get it man. If it was big and/or contained 'language', it may not have gotten thru. Dammit...can u send again to my rediff acct?

  8. 8. By Neurotron  |  27 Sep 2004, 2:26pm

    @drp : woraaii! Thank you...that IS high praise. :-) And u r welcome...we await your next piece of pain!

  9. 9. By syko_ceramic  |  2 Nov 2004, 2:03am

    bloddy hell! WAT a piece of work it is!


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