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Posted by chandu | 25/09/2004 17:27

 I am sure all of u must have had ur share of 'lows' in life.Reading the story of Mark Spitz always gives me some motivation.I just wanted to share it with u people.

Not many knew him at the start of the 1968 Mexico olympics.he declared that he would win 6 gold medals in swimming.however,he could not live up to his promise.All he could manage were a silver and two bronze.A good performance,but he wasnt satisfied!....Now,the 1972 olympics in munich.The gun sounded and he dove into the pool and swam with all his strength. Moments later he had won the gold medal and set a new world record at the same time.The next day he swam again, and again won another gold medal and, amazingly, he again won it in world record time.He won seven golds,setting seven new world records.What i just cannot forget are  the words he uttered after setting 7 world records i.e,"We all love to win,but how many people love to train?

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  1. Posted by tabrez
    25 Sep 2004, 6:27pm

    count me in!

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