October 2nd, 1:21 AM. Captain's Log.

Just watched Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Bloody awesome it is. Grinned for the most part, watched in awe at the utter overaction towards the end, laughed at the background score doing the typppical danger routine and shed two whole tears at the end. Two whole tears, yes. I do not cry too much at the movies, no wait, I do not cry at the movies, no wait, I do not go to "the movies"....no wait, I do not cry. Yes. Anyway, the last movie I actually came close to shedding one whole tear was Remember The Titans, and the one before that was Sommersby. The former is an out-n-out american football movie, the latter...well the latter is kinda mushy-wushy. I like sports movies...I really do. Watch RTT and watch Varsity Blues while you're at it...heck even, Any Given Sunday... Geez! Anyways, DDLJ, awesome movie it is. Why? Cuz its the frigging epitome of indian cinema...the mother of all bollywood flicks if I may dare say. Its got every frigging element that makes the counters tick and yet it never fails to impress moi. You know why? (obviously U don't...this is ME we're talkin bout..geez!) Cuz it ain't got annny irritatin, irksome, fucked-up PESTS screwing with the flow of the movie. Or so I think, coz I watched only the last 1:15Hrs and I have no clue what happened prior to that...my long term memory is pretty short, you see. In that 1:15Hrs, DDLJ made me believe in the power of hindi cinema again, it made me think "ytf don't I watch more of this?!"....well maybe I should. Especially now, now when indian cinema is breaking new frontiers. Or tearing through new frontiers should I say...or ripping apart the curtains to broader horizons....Yes, the movie in question here is "Shaque", with Ms. Janki Shah showing us all a bit of what Indian cinema has been missing all these years. Lets not go over the top here now shall we? :-D This could just be an indicator of things to come...that is, if the censor-board doesn't nip this in the bud now...

O.k. Enough of the double entendres already. I've had it with my share of puns for the night. The whole sidetracking of the issue towards Shaque has neatly cleansed my brain of all remnants of the magical experience of DDLJ. Damn, its easy to be distracted nowadays with the power of the internet I tell you. Tauba Tauba also seems to setting new standards in sleaze...noicce. Back to DDLJ, watch it again...and again ppls, its a course in "How to make cinema work. In spite of ALL the songs and all the hamming and all the dipshits." Long title I know, but I'm never known to be concise anyways.

This is me. Out for now.


PS : Do NOT watch Sweet November. You'll only end up dead. Thats good, 'cuz if you survive the movie, there's an outside chance you might end up seeing Mujhse Dosti Karoge, which will lead to your brain slowly, ever so slowly, oozing out of that hole in the back of your neck. Ouch. Male tears. Ouch.! *gross*

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